Fact Check: Baltimore Bridge Collapse Sparks Conspiracy Theories

Tue Apr 02 2024
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BALTIMORE: A major bridge in the United States city of Baltimore had collapsed on March 26, 2024, instigation various conspiracy theorists to speculate that the tragedy resulted from a global attack. This is groundless; officials quickly announced that there was no evidence of terrorism, and the managers of the Singapore-flagged Dali stated that the ship lost power before colliding with the Bridge.

Conspiracy Theories

Social media influencer Andrew Tate posted on social media that foreign agents attack digital infrastructures and nothing is safe. InfoWars founder Alex Jones said “A cyber-attack is likely. WW3 has already underway.”

Users across different social media promoted similar types theories hours after a ship struck the Francis Scott Key Bridge, sending citizens plunging into the American city’s frigid harbor.

Some posts claimed that it is a “false flag” or “deep state” operation. However, Baltimore Police Commissioner Richard Worley said there was no sign of terrorism in the bridge collapse.


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