Fact-check: Punjab Police Give Protocol to TikToker

Mon Apr 01 2024
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LAHORE: Police personnel in Punjab are being mocked on social media for purportedly inviting a social media influencer to their centre and providing him with a protocol reserved for top government officials, local media reported.

Videos of this alleged meeting between Bhola Record, an internet celebrity and Assistant Superintendent Police (ASP) Shehrbano Naqvi are circulating on different platforms of social media, attracting thousands of views and shares.

However, the local media reported that the claim is false.  A video uploaded on TikTok on March 18 was shared alongside the claim that ASP Sheharbano is providing protocol to Bhola Record on the behalf of the Punjab police. What else is left to do?”

Fact Check

The social media user further questioned why Bhola, was being given the special treatment. The social media post has been viewed more than 80,000 times, also shared 300 times and liked 1,000 times.

However, the person seen in the footage is not a social media influencer but he is Rana Sikandar Hayat, Punjab’s minister for school education.

The original footage, which is more than a minute, was posted by the official social media account of the Punjab police on March 16. In the video, the Minister introduces himself and says that he is visiting the police center to take an update on facilities. Later in the footage, ASP Shehrbano can also be seen briefing the provincial minister.


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