Free Meal Program Starts in Govt Schools of Islamabad

Tue Apr 23 2024
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ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training has initiated the implementation of a free food program in federal government educational institutions in the Islamabad Capital Territory.
In the first phase of this program, approximately 40 primary schools will receive mid-day meals this week. Among these 40 schools, free meals will be provided to children in 20 schools situated in the Tarnol and Nelore sectors.
Secretary of Education, Mohyuddin Ahmad Wani, announced the provision of free meals for children, along with other facilities, in primary schools under the Federal Directorate of Education.
In addition, Secretary Wani mentioned that children are being provided with lunch with the support of the government and the Allah Waley Trust. He further stated that meals will be introduced in all primary schools within the next two months.

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