Israel Launches Major Military Operation in Southern Lebanon Against Hezbollah

Wed Apr 24 2024
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JERUSALEM: Israeli forces have launched a major “offensive action” across southern Lebanon against Hezbollah, Defence Minister Yoav Gallant said on Wednesday. However, Gallant did not specify whether ground troops had crossed the border into Lebanon.

“Many Israeli forces are deployed on the border and army forces are carrying out offensive action currently throughout southern Lebanon,” Gallant said in a statement. He claimed that “half of Hezbollah’s commanders in southern Lebanon have been eliminated” during months of violence. Despite refraining from providing specific figures, Gallant stated that the remaining commanders are in hiding, ceding control to IDF operations.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army issued a separate statement revealing that it had targeted 40 Hezbollah positions in southern Lebanon. The strikes, which included airstrikes and artillery bombardments, targeted locations around Aita al-Shaab, including storage facilities and weapon caches. The IDF accused Hezbollah of establishing several structures and infrastructure in the area with the intent to launch attacks against Israel.

Lebanon’s state-run National News Agency reported that Israel conducted more than 13 airstrikes near Aita al-Shaab and surrounding villages, including Ramya, Jabal Balat, and Khallet Warda.

These developments follow a fresh round of rocket attacks launched by Hezbollah into Israel after an Israeli strike resulted in the deaths of two civilians. Hezbollah had previously fired rockets into northern Israel on Tuesday night in response to the civilian casualties.

The recent exchange of fire marks an escalation in the ongoing conflict between the Israeli army and Hezbollah since October 7. Over the course of the conflict, Lebanon has witnessed significant casualties, with at least 380 civilians killed. On the Israeli side of the border, 11 soldiers and eight civilians have been reported killed.


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