Jordanian King Says Won’t Become ‘Theater of War’ Between Israel and Iran

Tue Apr 16 2024
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AMMAN: Jordanian King Abdullah II on Tuesday said that his country must not become ‘the theater of a regional war’ after Jordan intercepted several missiles and drones when Iran attacked Israel at the weekend.

King Abdullah II reiterated his nation’s commitment to prioritizing its security and independence above all other considerations. He made it clear that Jordan’s primary objective is to safeguard its own sovereignty rather than involve itself in defending Israel.

Jordan played a crucial role in aiding Israel in repelling the attack, alongside other nations such as the United States, Britain, and France. Most of the missiles and drones launched by Iran were successfully intercepted, minimizing the damage inflicted on Israel.

In a press conference held in Berlin with his German counterpart, Jordan’s Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi emphasized the need for the international community to prevent Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from diverting attention away from the situation in Gaza by escalating tensions with Iran.

Safadi accused Netanyahu of attempting to shift the focus of international attention away from Gaza and onto his confrontation with Iran.


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