Pakistan Introduces Short-term Hajj Facility for Intended Pilgrims

Wed Feb 14 2024
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LAHORE: Caretaker Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Aneeq Ahmed on Wednesday announced that this year’s Hajj is set to be optimal for Pakistani pilgrims, offering unprecedented facilities. He introduced a short-term Hajj facility for the first time, marking a major milestone in the nation’s history.

Addressing the start of the training session for pilgrims at Darul Hajj Haji Camp, the minister said that during Hajj, all women would receive Abayas adorned with the Pakistani flag.

He said that selected through a transparent system, fortunate pilgrims were chosen via a draw, and their training started on February 12.

The minister said that Hajj pilgrims were the guests of Almighty Allah and a true ambassador of Pakistan, which would be facilitated with advanced faculties.

Aneeq Ahmed said that when he took charge of the ministry, it was made clear that this year, Pakistani pilgrims would be provided with the best facilities. The Hajj in 2024 would be exemplary for Pakistani pilgrims, offering facilities that were not available in the past.

Facilities for Hajj Pilgrims

He underlined the comprehensive efforts made by the ministry regarding Hajj arrangements, collaborating with Saudi Arabia during a trip to assess the facilities provided to pilgrims.

The minister said that meals, accommodations, and transportation, along with all basic necessities, had been standardized.

While discussing transportation facilities for Pakistani pilgrims in Saudi Arabia, Aneeq Ahmed said that this year, there would be provision of trains along with buses for pilgrims.

He further said that every pilgrim would be given a green suitcase containing a QR code to prevent any loss of belongings. The pilgrims would also be provided with a free SIM containing 7GB data and 180 international calling minutes to facilitate easy communication with their loved ones.


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