US Announces Over $47 Million in Humanitarian Aid for Sudan

Thu Mar 21 2024
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WASHINGTON: The United States has announced a humanitarian aid package of more than $47 million for Sudan and its neighboring countries, providing critical support to alleviate the suffering of millions affected by the nearly year-old conflict in the region.

The aid, announced by the US State Department, aims to assist approximately 25 million people, including refugees who have fled Sudan into Chad and South Sudan. The assistance will cover basic needs such as food, water, sanitation facilities, shelter, medical services, including mental health support, and protection for Sudanese fleeing the conflict.

“This US humanitarian assistance provides critical life-saving assistance including food, water and sanitation facilities, shelter, medical services including mental health support, and protection to Sudanese fleeing the conflict,” the State Department stated.

The new funds bring the total US humanitarian aid for Sudan since last year to over $968 million, highlighting the significant commitment of the United States to address the humanitarian crisis in the region.

Year Long Conflict in Sudan

Sudan has been gripped by conflict since last April, marked by escalating tensions between its military and paramilitary forces, resulting in widespread violence and displacement. Over 9 million people are estimated to be internally displaced within Sudan, with an additional 1.5 million refugees seeking shelter in neighboring countries.

The announcement of the relief funds coincided with a meeting in N’Djamena between Assistant Secretary for Population, Refugees, and Migration Julieta Valls Noyes and Chadian Prime Minister Succès Masra. Chad, one of the countries hosting Sudanese refugees, will receive $18 million from the aid package.

Chad has been a major recipient of Sudanese refugees, with nearly 700,000 people seeking refuge in the country since the onset of the conflict, according to the Norwegian Refugee Council.

The US reiterated its call for an immediate ceasefire and unhindered humanitarian access to prevent a famine and long-term catastrophe in Sudan. The announcement comes amid warnings from the UN of a looming hunger crisis in Sudan, with 18 million people already facing acute food insecurity and insufficient funding for humanitarian aid.

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