Washington Encourages Islamabad to Expand Economic Reforms

Fri Apr 19 2024
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WASHINGTON: US State Department principal deputy spokesperson Vedant Patel has said that Washington encourages Islamabad to prioritize and expand economic reforms, to address its own economic issues and challenges.

He expressed these remarks during a press briefing in Washington on Thursday. The spokesperson said that Pakistan’s Finance Minister is in Washington for a part of a series of meetings with – not just within the US Government interagency, but also holding talks with non-governmental organizations. And he also held meeting with senior officials at State Department.

Responding to a question, Vedant Patel stated that Islamabad continues to be a significant partner of the US in a number of areas. Particularly, it is a nation, the United States has an immense security cooperation with, and they of course are looking to continue to collaborate and work with Pakistan.

He further said that their partnership with Pakistan is rooted in what is of course in the interest of the people of America and Pakistan, and governments that are committed to working for Pakistani people.

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