WhatsApp Introduces New Feature

Sat Apr 06 2024
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WASHINGTON: Meta-owned WhatsApp is going to introduce a picture-in-picture feature for videos, showcasing its commitment to further enhancement. Renowned as one of the most utilized messaging platforms globally, WhatsApp consistently evolves, with Meta demonstrating reliability in its software updates.

Meta-owned WhatsApp has introduced a new feature aimed at enhancing user experience. This feature allows users to watch videos while multitasking within the app, such as navigating through various chats or other sections. This update is part of Meta’s current efforts to improve WhatsApp’s functionality, which is already one of the most popular messaging platforms across the world.

The picture-in-picture feature allowing users to enjoy it not just for YouTube and Instagram videos but also for videos shared within the app itself. Nonetheless, it appears limited to WhatsApp’s own videos, meaning transitioning to another app while using this mode may not be feasible.

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