Fire Claims Lives of Six Pilgrims During Hindu Festival in Mauritius

Mon Mar 04 2024
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PORT LOUIS, Mauritius: A devastating fire outbreak during a religious ritual in Mauritius resulted in the tragic loss of six pilgrims on Sunday.

The incident occurred as worshippers were participating in a Hindu festival, with the blaze igniting a wooden and bamboo cart adorned with figurines of Hindu deities.

Police commissioner Anil Kumar Dip provided details of the accident, explaining that the fire erupted when the decorative cart came into contact with exposed electric wires. The intensity of the blaze quickly spread, leading to the loss of six lives and leaving seven others injured, including one individual in critical condition.

The pilgrims had been en route to the revered Grand Bassin lake, a sacred site for Mauritius’ Hindu community, as part of the preparations for the upcoming Shivaratri festival scheduled for March 8. The festival holds immense cultural and religious significance, drawing devotees to engage in prayers, rituals, and processions.

The incident has cast a somber shadow over the festivities, prompting authorities to launch investigations into the circumstances surrounding the fire. Concerns have been raised about the safety measures in place during religious gatherings and events, highlighting the need for enhanced vigilance and precautions to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

As the nation mourns the loss of lives, solidarity and support are extended to the families of the victims and the injured individuals grappling with the aftermath of the fire. The incident serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of prioritizing safety protocols and ensuring adequate measures are in place to safeguard worshippers during religious observances.



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