Iran Rejects US Allegations of ‘Malicious Cyberattacks’

Wed Apr 24 2024
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TEHRAN: Iran on Wednesday condemned as “unfounded” US allegations of “malicious cyber activity” on behalf of its military that prompted a new set of sanctions against Iranian companies and individuals. Iran dismisses these claims as baseless and unfounded.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani denounced the US government’s claims regarding the involvement of Iranian individuals and companies in cyberattacks. Kanani categorically dismissed the allegations, stating that Iran denies any involvement in such activities.

Accusing Washington of attempting to deflect international criticism away from its support for what Iran perceives as “war crimes and genocide” committed by the Israeli regime in Gaza, Kanani labeled the US claims as part of a broader agenda to shift attention from its policies.

The US Treasury Department recently announced sanctions against four individuals and two companies, citing their alleged roles in cyber operations targeting US entities. According to the Treasury Department, these actors conducted spear phishing and malware attacks on behalf of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, targeting several American companies and government entities.

The sanctions come amidst escalating tensions between Iran and Western nations, particularly following Iran’s unprecedented missile and drone attack on Israel on April 13-14. The attack was in retaliation for an Israeli airstrike on Iran’s consulate in Damascus.

In response to Iran’s actions, the United States, Britain, and the European Union have imposed fresh sanctions on Iran in recent days.


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