Samsung to Introduce Real-Time Translation Service on Smartphones

Mon Nov 13 2023
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NEW YORK: Samsung Electronics, the global smartphone leader, is set to introduce a real-time translation service on phone calls using AI technology in its upcoming Galaxy flagship model, slated for an early 2024 release, AFP news agency reported.

This feature will enable users to experience translation in both text and audio formats during live calls, regardless of the caller’s language.

The real-time translation service will function seamlessly even if the call partner uses a non-Samsung smartphone. The innovation is made possible through on-device AI technology, ensuring that users can enjoy the benefits of instant translation without any compatibility limitations.

While the exact number of supported languages has not been disclosed, Samsung’s spokesperson emphasized that the translation service aims to facilitate communication with simplicity, comparing it to the ease of turning on closed captions for streaming shows. The privacy of users is also a priority, as private conversations are securely contained within the devices.

Samsung Integrating AI Capabilities into Products

Samsung’s move aligns with its wider strategy to integrate AI capabilities into different products, leveraging its generative AI model known as Samsung Gauss. This model encompasses language, code, and image fields, and is currently in use among company staff. Samsung plans to extend the incorporation of its AI system across a range of products in the near future.

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