Fact Check: Can Trump Attend Son’s Graduation

Thu Apr 25 2024
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NEW YORK: A social media post has claimed that Justice Juan Merchan has ruled to stop Donald Trump from taking part in son’s graduation on May 17 due to the timing of the trial. However, Reuters reported that the judge has not yet awarded any verdict over the matter.

A social media post says, in part, “Judge won’t let Donlad Trump see his son’s graduation ceremony.”

Trump himself also wrote following a court session on April 15 on his messaging social media platform Truth Social to say that Justice Merchan had forbidden him from taking part in the graduation. The same sentiment was echoed by his son Eric on his social media account.

However, Justice Merchan has not yet made such type of rulings. On April 15, Donald Trump’s lawyers urged that there be no trial session on May 17 so that the former President could take part in his son’s graduation, the AP reported.

Merchan said that about counsel’s request that the Court adjourn on May 17th, for Donald Trump to attend his son’s high school graduation and June 3rd, to permit a member of the defense team to attend their son’s graduation. The judge said, “I cannot rule on those two please at this time. It depends on where we are in the trial”.

The representatives for Trump and court did not immediately reply to a request for comment over the development. Reuters reported that the post was misleading the judge has not yet made a ruling on the pleas.

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