Fact Check: Did Dior Drop Bella Hadid Over Gaza Comments?

Thu Nov 09 2023
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NEW YORK: Social media is abuzz with a claim that French fashion company, Dior, terminated its partnership with Bella Hadid over her recent comments on the Israel-Hamas conflict. The social media users say that Dior has ended its partnership with Bella Hadid because she posted a message in support for Palestinians, and the brand replaced her in a new ad campaign with Israeli model May Tager.

However, the facts reveal a different story.

Fact: Bella Hadid’s contract with luxury fashion house Dior concluded in March 2022, well before the recent conflict.

The inclusion of Israeli model May Tager in Dior’s 2023 holiday campaign is part of the brand’s regular model lineup and is unrelated to Hadid’s departure.

Hadid, known for her public remarks criticizing the Israeli government and supporting Palestinians, posted a statement on Instagram during the recent conflict. Attempts on social media to link her absence from the campaign to her statement are baseless.

The claim that Dior replaced Bella Hadid due to her comments is false, and the hashtag calling to boycott the brand lacks factual basis.

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